2015 - 2017

Jenny (Craig)

A PLAY, incorporating FILM
The fictional world of Jenny (Craig), which culminated in a playscript and its theatrical performance, was developed over two years at Yale University for the thesis in Film and Media Studies. The world began with two short stories, then deepened into the single perspective of Jenny, the main character, through the creation of her ”Diary.” A short film, Tactic (TV), explores Jenny’s relationship with her alter ego, Bibbe. These ambient worlds begin to ask: what happens when you think of yourself apart from your race? 

The play, eponymously titled Jenny (Craig), revolves around Jenny and her boyfriend Craig, who are high school students living in New York City. The play takes place over the course of one night, in which they attempt to destress from the college applications process. The TV’s on. Their minds are off. But when Craig falls asleep, Jenny’s alter ego, Bibbe, brings Jenny on a literal trip down memory lane. In the surreal New York of Jenny’s imagination lies both the violence and potential of interracial relationships - in family, friendship, and romance.      

Jenny (Craig). Theatrical production, the Crescent Underground Theater, 2017.
Advised by Claudia Rankine and Donald Margulies.

  • Digital Media Center for the Arts Interdisciplinary Arts Award, 2017
  • St. Anthony Hall Educational Foundation Grant, 2017
  • The Creative and Performing Arts Award, Yale University, 2017


 Tactic (TV). Video, color, sound. 2016. The Creative and Performing Arts Award, Yale University, 2016

Jenny’s Diary [Selections]. 8” x 11”. Concertina sketchbook, ink, watercolor, crayon, pencil, cotton fabric, stamps, pantyhose packaging, stickers, business cards, vellum, found photographs. 2016.
  • The Construction of Whiteness exhibition, curated by Claudia Rankine, 2016.



Deep down, Craig knows that pet ventriloquism is still seen as a notch beneath puppeteering, his first love.

Jenny (Craig). Yale Literary Magazine, 2016.

My limited experience with vulnerability probably stems from observing Jennie and Craig’s honestly scary romance. And of course, my mother and father’s relationship – which isn’t a relationship so much as a pizza party with only calzones.

Cusp. Yale Literary Magazine, 2015.


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