April Wen

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April Wen is a filmmaker and educator. She is a Teaching Artist Fellow at the Center for Urban Pedagogy and holds a B.A. from Yale University in Film and Media Studies. Her upcoming work is a feature-length experimental drama, The Powerhouse.  

2018 -2020

The Center for Urban


For more on my work as a Teaching Artist Fellow, please visit CUP’s website.


2019 - 2020

The Wisdom Channel: Take 1

A young insomniac visits a meditation teacher
for nonsensical insights about her waking life
and identity.  

The Wisdom Channel: Take 1. Video, color, sound. 2019.

2015 - 2017

Jenny (Craig). Theatrical production, the Crescent Underground Theater, 2017.

  • Digital Media Center for the Arts Interdisciplinary Arts Award, 2017; St. Anthony Hall Educational Foundation Grant, 2017; The Creative and Performing Arts Award, Yale University, 2017

Jenny (Craig)

Jenny and her boyfriend Craig take a night together to destress from the college applications process. The TV’s on. Their minds are off. But when Craig falls asleep, Jenny’s mind goes into overdrive. In comes Jenny’s alter-ego, Bibbe, who is like Jenny in every way except her race. 

The world of Jenny (Craig) was developed over three years through two short stories, a book of collage, a short film, and a play that incorporates live surveillance video.


Tactic (TV). Video, color, sound. 2016. 
  • The Creative and Performing Arts Award, Yale University, 2016

Jenny’s Diary [Selections]. 8” x 11”. Concertina sketchbook, ink, watercolor, crayon, pencil, cotton fabric, stamps, pantyhose packaging, stickers, business cards, vellum, found photographs. 2016.
  • The Construction of Whiteness exhibition, curated by Claudia Rankine, 2016.


Deep down, Craig knows that pet ventriloquism is still seen as a notch beneath puppeteering, his first love.

Jenny (Craig). Yale Literary Magazine, 2016.

My limited experience with vulnerability probably stems from observing Jennie and Craig’s honestly scary romance. And of course, my mother and father’s relationship – which isn’t a relationship so much as a pizza party with only calzones.

Cusp. Yale Literary Magazine, 2015.

2013 - 2014

The Year I Saw My Mother

Gelatin silver prints, 8” x 10”. 2013-2014. 
  • Digital Diaspora Family Reunion, final exhibition, curated by Thomas Allen Harris. 2016.
  • MIRROR/IMAGE, curated by Riana Gideon. 2020.